Monthly Archives: August 2005

The problem

The problem….   I am sick of walking into my own fist… I have am choosing this life … I am choosing this person but this person is not choosing me… I am not going to try and make someone care about me or … Continue reading

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The pick up trip

We went to SC to pick up Monique’s stuff… things happeneded right and things happened wrong… then end…

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This is message to myself…

I don’t know sometimes what I have done… to deserve the types of conversations I have had… I saw the way my co workders were looking at me today and i nearly walk out… like there goes the loser who … Continue reading

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Gradute school

I am looking for a school but I am in a problem state… I know I can be a great teacher but I feel as though I will never get the chance.  I feel as thought it is too much… … Continue reading

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Been Without this

I have missed using this… I really like this spaces… it gives me  a change to write what i feel and what i know…  

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