I’m confused

I have been reading stories for research. I’ve been trying to understand why I like certain stories as certain characters. And I realized that I do not like weak characters. When I say we I don’t mean someone who can fight or not fight I need someone who is strong in mind and will. And because of the strong in mind aspects of what I want a character to be. I don’t like it when the heroine of the story is weak. 

Let’s take this scenario that I am proposing. I have 3 Series in my first is of course the love stories. Second it is the dramatized fighting including the world story. And last but certainly not least is the story of actor that it only includes really one main character. All of this will be in the same universe and will consist of the same type of thing. I realized that I did not want the world to be flat. I wanted it to be nice and round and have more. I think I got the first two set of series straight. It is the last one that is making it my world Topsy Turvy. Because that world is all about what happens what all the fighting is done and the world is settled and now we need all the answers. Who can I get to give you all the answers it has to be someone that was there but not there. Young enough shoe still have chances for future and old enough not to be childish in any decisions.

Here are my characters…

First series

Book one hero heroine. I have not decided how many books. I want to have both main story and short story. So I am starting off with a tentative 8 books 4 for the beginning and 4 for the end. There will be short stories in the middle and on the outside. But to follow the full line of the story you would need to read those 8 books.

Second series

Books  has four main characters. But those main characters have a love interest. There will be 2 books for each character. In the series I want to explore more of the world was introduced in the first series but this series would include more fighting ideas of right and wrong.

Third series

This series is involving one main character. There will be only five books in this series. I have not decided yet is this character is going to be a good or a bad person. I like the idea of the main characters having flaws. But I don’t want him so flawed that you cannot relate.

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